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  • Honest and sensitive are perfect words to describe Nao, but he’s also adorably awkward and sincere. But he does come with his own insecurities, and at heart, he’s really not that confident in…


Fluff practice for mrskatsuragi! :D



It was just any ordinary Wednesday afternoon and I was enjoying my time sewing more dollys of the gang. I smiled to myself as I started on Saeki’s doll. It’s a good thing he doesn’t know anything about this.” I could only imagine what would happen…



Just thought I’d post a bit about Issei’s Season 2 route in 復讐のキスをあなたに for anyone that is interested! It’s not out in English yet, and I’ve only played but 14/16 chapters so far but wanted to write it down before I forget. Unfortunately my japanese is far from fluent so…



Our two bedrrom story season 2 proposal route floor plan

Minato (bathroom): “Hey, why are you being so shy! Let’s take a bath together”

Shusei (bedroom): “It feels the best when we can sleep in our bed~”

Chiaki (living room): “It seems that every day is going to be fun”

Kaoru (rooftop): “The porch is good, but it also feels great here (the rooftop)”